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Picture of Slovakia Slovak Real Estate S.R.O. provides a full property purchase and management service for non-residents interested in investing in the property market in the Slovak Republic. With a combination of local and expatriate staff, we combine an excellent knowledge of the local property market with an understanding of the requirements of foreign investors.

Picture of Slovakia These are exciting times for investors in Slovakia. The country's accession into the EU (1st May 2004) combined with the fact that it has the fastest GDP growth rate in Central Europe means that it merits attention from property investors. The investment potential is greatly enhanced by Slovakia's excellent strategic location in the centre of Europe, bordered by four other EU countries. Bratislava, the country's capital and main centre of investment, is only 30 miles from Vienna and 2 hours by road/rail from Budapest.

The final piece of the jigsaw that has made Slovakia such an attractive place for investors is the strong pro-investment reforms  implemented  over the past few years. It is, therefore, not surprising that Slovakia has experienced an unprecedented boom in "good news" investment stories in recent years. The rate of new investments is expected to continue and it is reasonable to expect that as all of these investments come online and mature over the next few years they will greatly enhance the potential returns from property investment in Slovakia.

Picture of Slovakia There are, of course, some risks and difficulties involved in most property investments, especially in foreign countries, and these are magnified in a country such as Slovakia which has only recently moved from communism to a market economy. However, Slovakia is moving rapidly from being the poor relation in the region to becoming one of the most attractive investment locations in the EU. The objective of Slovak Real Estate is to provide potential investors with enough information and support in order to minimise their risks and to greatly enhance their opportunities of making successful property investments in this exciting new market